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About patterned imprinted concrete:

Patterned imprinted concrete is the easy way to get that perfect driveway for your property. We will gladly come and give you a quotation based on exactly what you specify. PIC as it is more commonly known involves a lot of work, here is a brief guide to how we acheive such an outstanding finish -

Dig out 1. dig out the existing surface to the required depth for type 1 sub base ready for the reinforced concrete


Remove subsoil 2. Remove all rubble from the site and deposit hardcore ready for compacting and install shuttering. At this point we will install shuttering to give your drive the distinctive look that you require.


Compact hardcore 3. Type 1 hardcore has been compacted ready for the reinforced concrete.


Install steps 4. Steps are installed at this stage using KL and KS keystones, which will then be filled and coloured to match the driveway. Drains are also installed to permitted development requirements.


Puor concrete 5. Fibre reinforced Concrete is then poured to a depth of 100mm creating the correct levels so that rain water can be drained as efficiently as possible.


Float concrete 6. The concrete is then tamped and floated with a magnesium bull float to allow the concrete to breathe before the colour is applied.


Apply colour 7. The colour is now applied covering the surface and floated using a steel float.


More colour 8. When the concrete has cured to a sufficient consistency for the mats to be applied we then apply a secondary colour known as a release agent which comes in many colours to antique your driveway to your exact requirement giving your driveway the desired effect.


Pattern concrete 9. The driveway is now ready for printing using specialist mats which come in many different patterns such as cobbles, York stone flags or cobble circles.


Powerwash concrete 10. Two days after the concrete has been installed (to allow it to cure sufficiently) the release agent is then power washed off. Crack control joints are then installed to allow the drive to expand and contract without cracking.


Sealing concrete 11. Seven days after washing and cutting the drive is ready for sealing. The acrylic seal then brings the colour and unique pattern of your driveway. On the final coat of sealer an anti-slip agent is added


The finished driveway 12. Enjoy your new driveway